Children’s Bible School

India Bible Literature has been conducting Children’s Bible School since 1984. We were able to reach 300,000 children every year through C.B.S. God is faithful to give us a wonderful theme each year to touch the hearts of the children. The theme for the year 2017 is “Come and See”. Two-day Leadership Trainings are usually held in different districts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to train the leaders to run the C.B.S. in their respective churches. India Bible Literature publishes C.B.S. books for Beginners, Primary, Junior and Senior levels. It includes Teacher’s Guide and Work Book. We do have Posters, certificates for children and teachers, DVD with action songs and song book. Flash cards are also published in partnership with C.E.F.

I am S. I attended the C.B.S. held at Kodungaiyur. I went happily to the C.B.S. for all the five days. I loved the songs and the music. But I was specially touched by the story of the shoe maker. Jeyaraj Uncle told the story for us in different episodes for all the five days. I was particularly moved by the way William Carrey with the strong commitment came to India and printed Bibles for us in India. I was thrilled to hear that he knew different languages. I decided and I take an oath today that I will be William Carrey for my place.